Online Learning Module
Deliver consistent, concise and relevant product information, installation and application learning modules to your audience with TradeNet Learn.

TradeNet Learn elevates your communications and training delivery system to add value to members and suppliers by reducing the cost of delivery and increasing engagement. Excite your users by delivering colourful learning modules to increase knowledge, manage HR policies and procedures and centralise induction requirements.

Delivery cost effective learning modules
Deliver cost effective and consistent content to everyone.

Provide a cost effective centralised training platform for suppliers to reach your membership. New products, installation and application training modules are delivered in an easy to use interface, and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing your users to learn when it’s convenient.

Reduce supplier expenses
Add value to supplier relationships and reduce expenses.

Add value to your existing relationships and provide an efficient, centralised platform for suppliers to manage learning modules, reducing the cost to deliver content. Suppliers can manage permissions to direct content to specific members, locations or users ensuring market penetration.

Members can manage HR and Induction
Allow members to manage induction and HR in one system.

Provide a platform for smaller or under-resourced members to manage their induction and human resources training material in a single, secure system. Members can upload learning modules and assign modules to users to be completed, while keeping track of progress through real-time reporting.

Detailed Online Learning Reporting
Track and report progress at member, location and user level.

Real-time reporting provides insights to popular or under-performing modules, allowing you to improve or edit to achieve maximum results. Buying Groups can review suppliers contributions and success rates at a macro level, while suppliers can review their own performance and manage sales visits and outcomes.

Assign TradeNet Learn modules to users to up-skill team members, ensuring your team is consistently delivering the correct information to customers.

Implementing TradeNet Learn allows members to take advantage of a centralised platform to manage induction and human resources policies.

Members can upload their own modules, private to their company, and assign modules to new employees, update existing policies or obtain valuable feedback on safety issues or concerns. Assigned modules appear on the users’ dashboard to ensure completion before the due date.

Upskill the entire team within a short period of time, in a familiar, consistent format that can be completed on a mobile device, tablet, laptop or PC.

Upskill your team
Reduce Supplier Expenses
Reduce supplier expenses to communicate and train teams on new products, applications and installations.

Add value to supplier relationships by reducing the cost to deliver new content to market, while generating revenue for your group by charging a hosting fee for each module.

Conduct competitions and supplier promotions in TradeNet Learn, rewarding users with prizes and increasing product knowledge.

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