Deal & Rebate Management

Simplify your deals and rebates to drive additional growth and returns.

We understand managing trading partner agreements, rebates and distributions is a core part of your business.

Drive additional growth and reward supporters through strategic and customisable rebate management in a single, easy to use platform without unnecessary software installations and expensive hardware. TradeNet’s Deal & Rebate Management module simplifies numerous spreadsheets and unruly calculations into a secure, online platform designed from the ground up for buying groups and networks.

Simply your deals and rebates
Remove Spreadsheets and Centralise

TradeNet Deal & Rebate Management allows your team to remove labourious and fragile spreadsheets and centralise all of your groups trading terms and rebates to a single, web-based platform.

Powerful Rebate Data Collection

Powerful data collection and automated rebate and distribution calculations removes the need for monthly manual re-formatting and manipulation to process rebates faster, delivering funds more efficiently.

Allow your team to focus on delivering value

Unlimited deals, unlimited rebates and granular customisation allows your team to focus on fine-tuning trading terms that deliver more value to members.

Increase transparency for members

Increase trading term transparency and reporting with customisable access for members to view information in real-time, reducing time-consuming emails, distribution reports and enquiries.

Consolidate your deals and rebates into a single, online platform.

Remove the need for multiple software packages to manage complex deals.

  • Manage trading terms in real time
    Manage trading terms in real-time

    Negotiate trading terms online, in real-time, reducing the time required to finalise trading terms for your members. All notes, alterations and approvals are kept for future reference and can be referenced at any time, by your team, your members or suppliers.

  • Unlimited Deals and Rebates
    Unlimited Deals and Rebates

    Manage your most complex trading terms and rebates in a single, easy to use web platform. Break deals down into sections and apply custom rebates to 1 or many members, member locations or products, giving your team flexibility to reward specific members for additional support.

  • Extensive Rebate Types
    Extensive rebate types

    Supporting over 15 common rebate types, TradeNet Deal & Rebate Management manages simple percentage based rebates through to long-term incentives with customisable tiers or targets. Additional rebates are available through consultation and can be customised for your specific requirements.

  • Increase transparency for members and suppliers
    Increase transparency for your members and suppliers

    Save time and reduce friction by optionally providing your members direct access to trading agreements and rebate structures. All access is controlled by head office, allowing you to provide no access, some access or full access to trading terms.

  • Inbound Data Mapping
    Reduce data collection time with inbound data mapping

    Speed up data collection from suppliers by accepting purchase data in any format. Suppliers can map their own format, removing the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and decreasing the time from data collection to invoice payment.

  • Automated invoicing and payments
    Automated invoicing and payment recognition

    TradeNet communicates directly with popular accounting packages, including Quickbooks, MYOB Accouting, MYOB EXO and Xero to speed up invoice generation and payment management. Invoice line items can be customised by rebate type, member or location and can be split by member or rebate type depending on supplier preferences.

  • Intelligent Distributions
    Intelligent distributions

    Automate member rebate and profit distributions to ensure payments are made quickly and efficiently, reducing the time from data collection to rebate payments. Members are provided online and real-time access to detailed distribution reports for internal reconciliation and any issues can be identified and managed quickly.

  • Customisable dashboards and reporting
    Customisable dashboards and detailed reporting

    Users can customise their dashboard to deliver the information they need via widgets, including deal statistics, expiring deals, rebates, LTI tracking and forecasting. A number of reports are available to view data sets, compare data and all reports can be exported for additional manipulation if required.


If your members are managing trading terms with suppliers outside the group, TradeNet Deal & Rebate Management can be deployed in a members’ environment to easily manage both sets of trading terms in one system.

Deals managed by the group are automatically populated into the member system, while deals managed by the member remain private.

Purchase data can be sourced from the member’s ERP and data can be automatically reconciled against supplier supplied purchase data, saving your team time and money.

Ready to simplify your deal and rebate management?