We understand the challenges of being a buying group.

Developed by a buying group, for buying groups.

Understanding the challenges in driving engagement and delivering value to buying group members and suppliers has helped the TradeNet platform grow into a suite of online products specifically designed to equip buying groups with a centralised “source of truth”.

Each TradeNet module targets a specific aspect of buying group operations, including CRM, Deal & Rebate management, online learning, electronic catalogues and more, fully secure and contained within a single, easy to use online platform.

TradeNet Buying Group Software

The TradeNet Software-as-a-Service platform consolidates all of your buying group’s core activities into a single easy to use web portal, improving information delivery.

There are 12 TradeNet modules developed specifically to increase back-office efficiency and drive engagement with buying group members and suppliers. This in turn delivers additional buying group value while reducing IT overheads, licensing costs, and increasing security.

Deal & Rebate Management Icon

Negotiate, manage and maintain supplier trading partner agreements in our unique Deal & Rebate Management module, while providing permission-based transparency to members, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Abandon Excel – create and track rebates down to the location and product level, ensuring value is delivered to members where purchases are most relevant.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Deliver value to members and suppliers by partnering with a robust and trusted EDI platform to reduce friction, errors and keystrokes in the order process.

The TradeNet EDI translation engine has been designed and developed to allow a low-cost solution to document automation, significantly reducing on-boarding and mapping fees.

Increase transparency and communications efficiency to buying group members and suppliers, while reducing labour costs.
Leading national buying groups deliver more value and increase engagement using the TradeNet platform.
  • Peter Way
    The team at TradeNet Solutions understand how a buying group works, what we need and what we don’t. Many developers believe that we are easy to understand and try to deliver solutions. However it isn’t that simple. Buying group knowledge is critical and unique. There are many elements to consider in the ecosystem of a buying group. Bringing them all together under one solution is the major value proposition presented by TradeNet. The TradeNet platform stands out from anything else in the market.
    Peter WayCEO, Natbuild
  • Tony Hurd
    We have enjoyed the way that TradeNet has supported us as we’ve grown, and know they will continue to do so. The TradeNet platform is easy to use and innovative.  Above all, TradeNet helps us to deliver what Plumbing Plus is already well known for - an outstanding partnership experience, whether you’re a supplier or a member.
    Tony HurdCEO, Plumbing Plus